Bizarrely Expensive Things : Imagine if Ryanair sold movie tickets

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most-expensive-liquidThere are some things in this world which just make no logical sense financially – and what makes even less sense is our blinding willingness to pay the price for these things, only encouraging the criminal rip-off to continue.

I’m not talking about diamonds (though to be fair, diamonds have NO intrinsic value expect as cutting tools – and are only expensive because we have decided they should be. But that’s another story altogether). Movie popcorn. Printer ink. Duty free anything. Low budget airline “extras costs”. Razor blades. THESE are the bank breakers, and there is just no logical reason that a market-based economy should allow it. But we do…. Because we live by survival of the screwiest, and some people reading this are actually the people earning money from the various cons (applause to you, your mothers would be proud).

Did you know: Movie Popcorn costs more per ounce than Filet Mignon?


Just imagine what they’d charge for movie theatre filet mignon. Or movie theatre printer ink. Or movie theatre pharmaceutical drugs.  Hold on, none of these surpass movie theatre printer ink.  How about buying printer ink from a movie theatre inside an airport – I believe that would reach the threshold of infinite expense and my head would explode!

article-1191456-0540DE58000005DC-584_468x384It defies logic that it is cheaper to buy a new printer than ink, or a new razor than replacement razor blades. And what is our obsession with Duty Free?? I don’t get it. People go gaga over Duty Free at airports, but as far as I can tell there is nothing that is cheaper (despite being “free of duty”) than anywhere outside of the airport. Yet we “stock up” on these expensive items as if they were on sale, and thus encourage airports to continue to rip us off.

And the truth is, the price of something has nothing to do with how much it costs to make or stock. It’s simply a factor of how much people are willing to pay for it. We are paying the price, because we are willing to pay the price. Except of course for those who just rip us off because they have monopolies over what of where we’re buying. But even then we’d have power if we refused to pay a certain price.

Imagine is Ryanair sold movie tickets

  • article-2147490-13359AC7000005DC-648_468x256Ticket price: £10
  • Convenience charge: £27
  • Printing fee: £8
  • Ticket-stub ripping surcharge: £3
  • Popcorn box recycling service: £18
  • 3D glasses rental: £10
  • Seat cushion flatulence-related damage deposit (non-refundable): £4
  • Total: £80 Per ticket.

A company called Walletpop has come up with the top ten most overpriced products that we really should be making a wiggle and fuss about.

  1. Text messages: 6,000% markup (nothing to LOL about)download
  2. Bottled water: 4,000% markup (more expensive than petrol)
  3. Movie theater popcorn: 1,275% markup
  4. Brand name drugs: 200% – 3,000% markup  (Always buy generic)
  5. Hotel mini bar: 400% markup
  6. Coffee: 300% markup  (Thanks, Starbucks)
  7. Wine: 300% markup
  8. Greeting cards: 200% markup
  9. Hotel in-room movies: 200% markup
  10. Pre-cut vegetables and fruits: 40% markup

Unfortunately we are actually taught that certain things are valuable – even those things which, if we hadn’t been taught such, we wouldn’t value. Being taught that something is valuable without truly valuing it yourself helps maintain this “backwards value”  – the illusion that value proceeds from objects alone, independent of evaluators.

Basically, we are dumbasses who are willing to allow ourselves to be screwed over, because one day we just might be the ones who are able to screw others over! And unfortunately this is why we will continue to pay silly prices for silly things.


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