Christmas: Just another example of how bizarre we are as a species!

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Every year at around this time thousands of journalists and bloggers jump on the Christmas bandwagon re-informing us about how we all actually hate Christmas, and should just shut our eyes, grit our teeth and it will soon be over. Others are all over the twinkly lights, Santa clause and the happy “Holiday Spirit”. Oh, and of course the eternal questions: “What is the meaning of Christmas?”

But has anyone stopped to think how illogical Christmas is?……

Personally I think Christmas is just another example of what a bizarre species we humans are. Neither good nor bad, just very very strange.

Let me break it down: Christmas used to be something done by Christians, celebrating the birth of Jesus and as a religious holiday, it makes some sort of sense (well, the original way of celebrating it does). However it’s illogical mass adoption amongst every person on the planet is where it becomes rather whacky.

Imagine for a minute that a logical Alien race was studying us, and what they would make of it:  The humans have this holiday ever December which lasts about a month and which, for all intents and purposes, is random and totally meaningless. They sing songs, party and light up their cities with expensive fairy lights for no apparent reason. They buy gifts for each other because they are obliged to, drag trees into their houses, cover everything in decorations and give new meanings to certain foliage.

The entire planet buys into a global lie that they tell their children about a guy dressed in red who visits every house on the planet in a 24 hour period and are willing to credit all the gifts they buy for their offspring to this mythical man. And what’s even more incredible is that half the planet celebrates Christmas in the summer –  yet even THEY all use winter and snow imagery as standard practise. In fact, some cities in the Southern Hemisphere even get fake snow to cover the beaches and interior of shopping malls over the Christmas just to mimic winter!!

Then it all leads up to one day when you hang with your family (whether you want to or not) and suddenly it’s all over as if it were never there to begin with.

I’d like you to pin just one person down and get them to explain Christmas logically. How it makes any logical sense what we collectively do during December, and you let me know.

But we’re emotional creatures, and most of what we do doesn’t really make any sense, so let’s not try to. Let’s celebrate our weird month long holiday and ignore the fact that we’re really just building up more evidence of the weirdness of being human. Now enjoy the really beautiful Christmas light display in the video below :-)


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