Some of these mini-documentaries that I've produced were funded through sponsorships or product placement. For each film, sponsorship or product placement is only accepted from organisations that are relevant to the film and that share values and goals which are congruent to the message and narrative of each film.

Water: A Fundamental Story of Life

Water is one of the most fundamental resources humans and the Earth need for survival. But clean water for drinking, sanitation and feeding crops is becoming increasingly endangered. Droughts, meanwhile, are become more widespread. And if we do not urgently examine how we manage our water resources we risk a massive impending global threat. This film examines the science and technology being developed to assist in providing the quality and quantity of water we need. It calls for more robust global water-centred policies, and explores what we can all do to ensure Earth does not run out of the resource most critical to our survival.

Andrew Faure: Producer/ Director/ Editor

Forest Based Textiles

Cotton and Fossil Fuels - the primary raw materials from which textiles are made - have a massive global carbon footprint and an overall negative effect on the planet. And it is only getting worse as this industry rapidly grows. This film explores how we could shift to fully renewable forest and wood-based raw materials to produce textiles, making this industry dramatically more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and leading to complete shift away from the old raw materials.

Andrew Faure: Producer/ Director/ Editor/ Narrator

4 Minutes To Save Your Life - Don't Underestimate Fire

Most people have no idea how quickly a fire spreads. To save your life, as well as structures and buildings, you may have less than 4 minutes from the first spark. Watch a staged bedroom fire spread in real-time, and see for yourself the difference that fire safety makes. If you have ever doubted the need for fire sprinklers in your home or business, this film will change your mind. By the time the fire brigade arrive it is already too late...

Andrew Faure: Producer/ Director

Earth Observations: Making The World a Better Place (Film Teaser)

"Earth Observations" refers to the hundreds of different ways in which our planet, society and nature are monitored and mapped in the 21st century using satellites, drones, buoys, probes and more. This data is used to save lives, protect nature and understand our world. But we can only make use of this incredible amount of data if we find ways of effectively sharing and processing it. 

Andrew Faure: Producer/ Director

Biofuels: The Biofuture We Urgently Need Now 

It is currently possible to power vehicles, trucks, trains and planes with materials extracted from plants rather than fossil oil and petroleum. But why are our governments and investors not getting behind it? Biofuels are made from the remains of plants such as corn, and can be used anywhere we currently use fossil fuels. And these fuels create zero carbon. This film explores the case for Biofuels. We speak to the Biofuture Platform - an international alliance pushing biofuels as a significant part of the energy mix. 

Andrew Faure: Producer/ Director

Improving the World Using EO Technology

This film explores the various ways the world can be improved for mankind - and how lives can be saved - by strategically using the data collected by Earth Observation technology. We speak to the Group On Earth Observations (GEO), who are linked to the United Nations, and are the main coordinators of global Earth Observation data.

Andrew Faure: Producer/ Director

Understanding and Monitoring Global Pipeline Networks

Out modern world relies on an massive and intricate network of cables and pipelines that criss-cross the planet. But few of us are aware of sheer scale of this network, and what it takes to build and maintain. Mapping the global pipeline network is a struggle, because the first pipelines where laid and buried without proper record keeping. This film examines the technology we are using to ensure our pipeline networks are recorded, maintained and kept safe, to ensure the world keeps functioning.  

Role: Producer/ Director/ Editor

Shifting to Wind Energy

Despite the giant wind turbines popping up on landscapes around the world, utilising wind to generate power is still nowhere near as big a part of the energy mix as it could be. The reasons for this are numerous, not the least being slow and inefficient bureaucracy standing in the way. But a number of companies are developing new ways to capture wind, in new places, and at lower costs. This film explores some of these new developments, takes a look into the wind industry (and some of it's biggest players) as well as what we can expect from this sector into the future.

Andrew Faure: Producer/ Director/ Editor

Preventing Disasters Before They Happen 

(How Can We Use EO Data To Keep The World Safe?)

UNISDR (United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction) is creating and tapping into technology that uses Earth Observation data to prevent disasters before they even occur. And where they are unpreventable, they are using this technology to save lives and infrastructure as well as implementing robust pre-warning systems. 

Role: Producer/ Director

Building a Sustainable Construction Industry 

The construction industry makes a much biggest impact on our lives and on the planet than most of us are aware of. In Europe alone, the built environment is responsible for around 36% of all CO2 emissions. The root of the process lies in the sub-industry responsible for the machines, vehicles and equipment used in construction. It is here where sustainability is at its most critical. This film explores what the Construction Equipment Industry is doing to become more sustainable and what more can and should be done to cut the negatives impact it has on the planet.   

Role: Producer/ Director/ Editor